Easter Bunny Breakfast at The Flight Deck

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March 24, 2017
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Easter Bunny Breakfast at The Flight Deck

Full disclosure:  I used to take my kids to see the Easter Bunny when they were little at a fire house on Long Island.  It was sweet, but also a little harried, and noisy and there was a lot of confusion.  My oldest daughter, Sam, was completely fascinated and would stroke its fur and wiggle her nose at the Easter Bunny as if it were just a regular rabbit that had grown to a remarkable size.  Jake, her twin, cannot take a bad picture and was happy to sit on his lap because at the end of it, there would be a treat.  My youngest, Erin, wouldn’t go near the Easter Bunny, hence every picture we have of her is with me standing behind or oddly off to the side of the Easter Bunny holding a very skeptical looking child.

If only we’d had someplace like The Flight Deck to set up the perfect Easter Bunny introduction!  I wasn’t lucky enough to have The Flight Deck Easter Bunny breakfast experience when my children were young, but you are! 

Take a look at your calendar and plan for one of two dates to take your little ones to meet one big bunny!  The Easter Bunny will by flying, and by that I mean literally, into the Keene Dillant-Hopkins airport on Saturday, April 8 and again on Saturday, April 15.  He’ll be visiting from 9am to 11 am.  So depending on whether you choose to attend the 8 am breakfast seating or the 10 am breakfast seating, you will either see Mr. E. Bunny arrive by plane or leave by plane. This is guaranteed to create a lifelong memory your little ones will cherish! (PS- you can make a reservation both Saturdays too!)

And because we’re also parents, we’ve done everything we can to make the morning as smooth as possible.  Each child visiting the Easter Bunny will receive a small gift from our fur covered friend.  There will be the opportunity for pictures with the Easter Bunny.  For photos we ask for a small donation with all proceeds going to the Monadnock Area Foster Parent Association.  Here at The Flight Deck, we love to feel good about doing good and we know you do too!

Monadnock Area Foster Parent Association

While visiting the Easter Bunny is always incredibly exciting, isn’t nice to be able to have a fabulous breakfast while you are waiting to see the Hare apparent? (Hee, hee)  Picture how much more smoothly your visit will go when your child’s belly has been filled with a happy face pancake or eggs, bacon and toast.  Think how much happier you will be too, if while waiting your turn you’ve had one of our amazing omelettes, one of our special eggs benedict dishes, or (oh, my goodness!) the stuffed French toast with cream cheese and strawberries.

We strongly recommend making reservations as our Santa breakfast was incredibly popular.  Call 603-358-3325 to set up your date with bunny destiny.  Oh, and be prepared:  Smiles, giggles and spontaneous kisses and hugs from your children may break out at any time during the breakfast!


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