Hack Black Friday or Plaid Friday!

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November 10, 2016
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November 30, 2016
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Hack Black Friday or Plaid Friday!

Hack Black Friday – Or Rock your plaid on Plaid Friday!

To the shopaholic, the bargain hunter, the marathon shopper, Black Friday is the Olympic shopping event of the year.  It creates more anticipation than the holidays themselves.  To the reluctant window shopper, the browser, the spouse, friend or cousin who was dragged along for their ability to hold a place in line or carry big packages it builds anxiety and dread.  Either way, The Flight Deck has some excellent tips and hacks to make Black Friday better or, at least, tolerable.



Nobody likes a hangry patron.  If you’re an early riser, start with a fabulous breakfast.  Remember: shopping Black Friday is an endurance event.  The Flight Deck is ready for you!  Maybe you’d like the “Southern Special” with its 2 eggs, biscuits, gravy and homefries.  Perhaps it will be the “Breakfast Burrito” containing scrambled eggs, cheese, sausage and oh yeah! Salsa.  No matter what, be sure to get some tea or coffee for that caffeine hit you’ll need!

If you’re starting the day a little later, stop in for lunch and try our famous hog wings, pulled pork or some fun snacks like our cheese fries or pretzel bites.  Want to keep it light?  Have the hummus plate and feel completely virtuous.

Shop with a List

Yes, Black Friday is an opportunistic event and you want to keep a sharp eye out for those bargains.  You also want to make sure you are not blowing your budget with impulse items.  Have a few suggestions for each person on your list, along with the amount you plan to spend, sizes, allergies and hobbies.  This will make your day go smoother and prevent those last minute calls to find out Uncle Albert’s neck size.  If you don’t plan to buy large items bring your own re-usable bag and skip the shopping cart, making it easy to zig and zag through the crowds.

Be Comfortable

Today is not the day for your Jimmy Choo’s, even if you are shopping at the swankiest shops in town.  Wear layers, so crowds and heat don’t overwhelm you.  Comfy clothes and sensible shoes are a must.  You are going to be in those clothes a long while and on your feet in lengthy lines.  Leave your coat in the car if at all possible.  Remember, you had a big meal the day before.  Today is not the day for those “lay on the floor and suck in your breath” jeans.


Lighten your bag, wallet or purse as much as possible.  You’ll be carrying it all day.  However, do carry amini-water bottle.  Store heating systems and yelling across the aisles for your partners in crime will dry out your mouth and dehydration will fatigue you. A small healthy snack, like dried almonds or fruit are a good idea, in case lines are longer than anticipated. Have a small cache of band-aids or mole skin for blisters, chapstick for dry lips and ibuprofen for aching backs, shoulders or head.  Bonus:  Stop by Life is Sweet to pick up some dark chocolate covered espresso beans for a little lift when you need it most!


A Treat

You’ve spent the entire day making sure you will have the “it” toy for your favorite child, designer jeans for a teen, video games for your husband, and books…well, you bought for that yourself, but you can let someone gift it to you for the holidays!  If you’ve followed the hacks, you’ve had a successful, yet tiring, day.  Now is not the time to cook.  Go back to The Flight Deck.  Choose one of their amazing sandwiches, special burgers or the soup and salad bar-anything that isn’t turkey!  Or just stop in to finish the day in style with a decadent cupcake, a slice of cheesecake or a chocolate chip cannoli. You’ve worked hard and deserve a treat!  You just sit right down and let The Flight Deck take care of you!

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Shop Local

Here in Keene, NH we have plaid Friday, where customers are encouraged to spend their holiday funds at our local downtown shops.  Aside from avoiding the big crowds and impersonal commerce of the chain stores, there are lots of benefits to shopping local.  First and foremost is customer service.  Local proprietors know their merchandise and are happy to share information.  According to a USA Today 2014 article “Strategies: 10 reasons to fall in love with shopping local” by Rhonda Abrams, benefits include raising property values, the creation of jobs, more money remaining local to support our community and the choices and experience is fun!  You’ll find handcrafted goods by local artisans and create stronger bonds within the community.

We will be closed on Thanksgiving to allow our employees to enjoy the holiday with their families…and so they are better rested to serve you on Black Friday!


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