Let Your Romance take Flight…at The Flight Deck

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January 27, 2017
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February 16, 2017
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Let Your Romance take Flight…at The Flight Deck

Let Your Romance take Flight…at The Flight Deck


A funny thing happens when you get a little older.  Some call it wisdom; others call it perspective, while I like to think of it as prioritizing.  When I was younger, I loved the trappings of romance for Valentine’s Day.  Bouquets of roses, a fancy outing, lingerie or giant stuffed animals were par for the course.hearts

Now I don’t want any of those things.  Roses, while beautiful, are very expensive in February and die.  Lingerie no longer encases a lithe beautiful body, but one that has aged and weathered a few storms that no lingerie can obscure.  Giant stuffed animals, it turns out, take up space and get dusty! The last thing I want or need is something else to clean.

So what do I want Valentine’s Day to look like now?  I want a date.  A relaxed outing, delicious comfort food and time spent with the one I love.  In our busy household, time together is a rare and precious thing and what I enjoy the most.  And not having to clean stuff.

The Flight Deck provides the perfect answer. Time together, no clean up, great food, beautiful setting.  It has all the elements of romance I want at this point in my life.

blt bloody

BLT Bloody Mary

Another great thing is, given our busy schedules, The Flight Deck offers me some options. I can have a lingering brunch at The Flight Deck.  Truthfully, I am one of those people for whom breakfast is really an any time food.  Lingering over multiple cups of coffee, snagging a piece of my loved one’s toast (why does your lover’s food always look better than your own?) and coaxing him to get the strawberry stuffed toast while I get the Irish benedict (so I can taste both) is perfection.

french toast

French Toast

Some years, Valentine’s Day meant meeting for a quick lunch in the middle of busy work days and there The Flight Deck can come to the rescue too.  Sandwiches made with Boar’s Head cold cuts, thick and juicy burgers or just the soup and salad bar, with its endless bowl of (homemade!) soups.  We can snag a quick a lunch, reconnect for a few minutes and feel nurtured before we head back to our busy day.

On the rare occasion when we can spend Valentine’s dinner together, The Flight Deck offers a varied and extensive menu.  There’s shrimp scampi rich with butter or a beautiful pesto salmon dinner for seafood lovers.  If steak spells romance, there’s a NY Strip, a ribeye steak cooked to perfection or filet mignon.  All of it served on pretty candlelit tables in a cozy restaurant with a view of the lights twinkling across the runway and the smoke colored, moonlit mountains in the background.  Now that my friends, is romance!

hog wings

Hog Wings

And finally if we found our day was too busy to make any of the three main meals of the day, we can just end our day at The Flight Deck with a nightcap at the bar or maybe some appetizers.  (Honestly, the oink and cluck, wings and pork shanks, is so hearty it can be a meal!)  There’s a huge selection of appetizers and the wait staff makes you feel welcome at any time of day, no matter what you are ordering.

Finally, no Valentine’s Day is complete without sweets.  The Flight Deck offers homemade cupcakes, a full sundae bar or have the to-die-for salted caramel cheesecake!  No matter what time of day you are ready to spend a little time with the love of your life, The Flight Deck has a delicious option for you!  (And no clean up!)

Maple Bourbon Bacon

Maple Bourbon Bacon Cupcakes

Be sure to make your reservations.  Everyone loves The Flight Deck!



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