Planning the Perfect Staycation

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June 29, 2017
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Planning the Perfect Staycation

Planning the Perfect Staycation

           Life has become incredibly busy for just about everyone I know.  So much so, that planning a vacation becomes a logistical nightmare.  There are competing work schedules, planning the mode of transportation, packing, boarding the pets, cleaning out the fridge…it’s just too overwhelming! It’s no wonder more and more people are opting for a staycations.  If you’re not familiar with the term, it means taking your vacation at home.  The question is how do you make it feel like a vacation instead of just a long weekend?

Stock your house 

A vacation is fun because you have what you want or need at your fingertips.  Before your staycation, make sure your house is stocked with things you want. Take a trip to Life is Sweet and stock up on treats for yourself and your family.  Fudge makes for an easy dessert one night.  Pick up a pound or two of hand dipped chocolates for you and your significant other. Share your childhood memories with your children by purchasing Charleston Chews and freezing them, filling candy dishes with Mary Janes or break out Sugar Daddies for an at home movie festival.

Do the chores ahead of time

The week before your staycation, portion your evening to get household duties out of the way.  Wash and put away the laundry over 2 days time.  Clean a room a night.  Wash the sheets or put new ones on the bed for a luxurious feel.  The important thing is to make sure you treat your staycation like a vacation and not do the same things you have to do every day.  If you must put in laundry, put in a load as soon as you wake up and then enjoy the day.

Plan outings

Become a tourist in your home town.  There are probably dozens of stores you’ve been meaning to visit or parks you drive by and dismiss because there never seems to be enough time in the hustle and bustle of everyday to make time for them.  This is your chance!  Make like you’re in Italy and stop in to Life is Sweet every afternoon for an ice cream or coffee. Go bowling, to the movies or visit a local book store for new reading material.  Buy some new games, puzzles or toys for activities you can enjoy as a family.  Remember, this is your staycation and you’ve already saved a ton of money on flights, hotels and boarding your pets.  So spend some of those savings to ensure a great staycation in your own backyard.

Go out to eat

One of the great pleasures of vacation is no food shopping, no cooking and no clean up.  Make your staycation a pleasure only zone.  Visit The Flight Deck and eat great vacation foods, like lobster rolls, pulled pork sandwiches, fried clams and decadent desserts.  Take in the beautiful views of Mount Monadnock. Remember, no vacation is complete without a tropical drink, so be sure to order a rum bucket to start the meal with something fun! The Flight Deck also has a complete take-out menu, so feel free to call in an order and we’ll have it packed and ready for pick up.

Break your usual patterns

Vacations should break you out of your typical rut and staycations should be no different.  Break out of your daily routine and do things you might only do on a vacation.  Stop in to The Flight Deck for our Tuesday Trivia night and earn yourself some prizes. Step out of your comfort zone and step into a fun zone with karaoke every other Friday night from 7-10 pm or come by just for drinks and dessert to enjoy live music on Saturday nights.

Life is short…don’t lose that vacation time; take a staycation instead and become a tourist in your own backyard! 

Life is Sweet and The Flight Deck will help you to having the time of your life!

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