Start the New Year Right with The Flight Deck

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December 21, 2016
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January 19, 2017
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Start the New Year Right with The Flight Deck

Start the New Year Right with The Flight Deck

When my children were little, Sundays were for church, brunch with my parents and later chores.  Looking back, I’m glad we went to church, wished I’d eased up a little on the chores and I’m incredibly grateful for those Sunday brunches my children had with their grandparents.

A new year brings with it a time of renewal.  Many people will create their list of resolutions promptly on January 1st …and have forgotten them completely by February 1st.  True, it is hard to start new habits, but it is harder still when the resolutions are things you don’t really want to do in the first place.  So this year, forget about a list of resolutions that are “should” based.  As in, “I really should start exercising more” or “I should cut back on sweets”.  What if you resolve to live the life you want instead of what you should?

So let’s take a look at those lists of wants for the New Year and let The Flight Deck help you live the life you want to live!

“I want to spend more time with my family and friends.”

So what’s stopping you?  Many people will say schedules, overwork or at the heart of it, the chores involved with entertaining.  Who wants to clean their house, hide the laundry, lock up their pets or cook just to have people over the house?  It isn’t about where-it’s about being together.  So make dates to meet at The Flight Deck.  It can be a quick burger with your very busy college age kid, who will be extremely grateful for a meal that isn’t from the cafeteria.  It can be cake and coffee after work with you BFF, before you both head home to do the night’s chores.  Best of all, it could be that weekend brunch, like the ones I had and now, cherish, with my kids and my parents.

“I want to be less stressed and relax more!”

          We agree! Once a week, take meal planning, cooking and dishes off your list.  We change the menu for seasonal specials to reflect the seasons, and Mother Nature changes the view from our restaurant’s windows.  Eat a hearty winter meal of soup, stew, Shepard’s pie or chili while looking at beautiful Mount Monadnock . 

“I want my day to go smoother.”

Plan your lunches well.  Going through the day hangry will neither help you nor anyone with whom you come in to contact.  Picture this:  You woke up late, thereby waking the kids up late, everyone is grumpy, there are only snacks for the kids’ lunches, nothing for you to eat for lunch, you rush to work narrowly avoiding a fender bender due to said rushing, and it’s raining and slushy and you don’t want to leave your desk for lunch.  It’s a bad day.

Revised picture:  You still woke up late and the kids are up late.  You tell them to buy lunch at school because you still need to food shop.  There’s no rushing, because you didn’t make lunches so there is no near miss with the fender bender.  You arrive at work and using online ordering, order yourself a delicious lunchbox from The Flight Deck, which will be delivered right to your warm and dry office and you have that cookie in the lunch coming as a treat.  This day is much better than the other one, right?

“I want to have fun.”

We want you to have fun too!  We remember what fun looks like at The Flight Deck, which is why we have our Tuesday night trivia nights, with prizes to be won.  We also have appetizers that are delicious and share-able, a great drinks menu and a setting that allows you to watch planes come and go and day dream a little bit.

“I want to be a better parent.”

          Don’t we all?  This is a big one, and when you are in the heart of child rearing, it is hard to know if you are getting it “right”.  The Flight Deck is extremely family friendly with a menu that ha something for everyone.  You will get to be the hero of the day when you let your kids create their own sundae at our sundae bar.  Go ahead and take the credit.  We don’t mind a bit.

“I want to treat myself better.”

We bet this wasn’t on your list, but now that you see it in writing, doesn’t it feel like something you want?  It should be!  Build in some breathing space in your busy schedule.  Grab a magazine and stop and have a cup of coffee and one of our fabulous homemade desserts. Treat yourself to an endless bowl of soup from the soup and salad bar. By taking care of yourself and your needs, you’ll be better able to meet the many other challenges you are facing in your life and create the life you want, not the life you think you “should” be having.

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  1. Deborah says:

    Great article! It’s so true, what we should do and what we want to do. Loved it and am going to take advantage of the advise. Thank you flight deck!

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