Tastes of Summer: The Liquid Edition

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July 27, 2017
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Tastes of Summer: The Liquid Edition

Tastes of Summer: The Liquid Edition

           Confession:  I am really not much of a drinker, but every now and then, like during vacations or dinner with friends, I love a fun cocktail. One is more than enough for me, but I want it to be really good for those times I do indulge.  The Flight Deck understands those sentiments completely and has created a fun summer cocktail menu to tempt even teetotalers from their abstinent ways. While I may be a tropical cocktail kind of a person, my husband would much rather try an artisanal brew or throw back a cold one on a hot day, and my best friend ways in with a vodka and tonic with lime for a refreshing imbibement. Hakuna matata friends!  No matter your preference, you’ll find the perfect pick-me-up at The Flight Deck.


          If you love the cold yeasty aroma of beer, or how it’s the perfect complement to The Flight Deck’s burgers, wings, lobster rolls and Boar’s Head stacked sandwiches, we have a variety from which you can choose!  We have both bottled beer and beer on tap.  Our on tap varieties include Shock Top, Blue Moon, Fat Tire, Sam Seasonal, Rebel IPA  and Switchback.  We also offer locally brewed options that change, so be sure to ask your server what locavore options are available.  With Happy Hour happening Monday through Friday from 2:30 to 5:00, and drafts only $3, you’ll have a hard time choosing.

Of course if choosing if proving difficult, then do yourself a favor and order our very popular beer flight. Four “tasters” of beer are served on a wood burned plank. Again we feature locally brewed options as well as interesting options like Outlaw Blonde Ale and Sea Rose Cherry Ale, or Green Blaze.


Fun Summer Cocktails 

I love a good seasonal drink. There’s nothing like hard cider for fall and spiked egg nog or hot toddies in winter. But summer?  Summer screams for tropical drinks and pretty much anything with rum! The Flight Deck has the perfect concoctions to kick off your vacation season. While enjoying our outdoor dining on the patio with stunning views of Mt. Monadnock, enjoy our can’t be-beat rum bucket wit 4 types of rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, fruit and grenadine all served in a pink bucket! Or maybe you’d prefer the “Deck” fish bowl, made with Malibu rum, vodka, blue curacao served in a classic “fish bowl” and finished with Swedish Fish and Nerds candies.  You can’t miss when you “adultify” a childhood favorite and our Bomb Pop will evoke happy memories of the ice cream truck.  Made with raspberry vodka, blue curacao and lemonade this is SO much better than you remember!


          Even though I’m a lightweight when it comes to drinking, I am a sucker for a marvelously made margarita.  The Flight Deck brings on margarita madness with its many seasonal choices.  Try some summer takes on this favorite with one of the following: the Beacon margarita with house-made sour mix, the creamsicle margarita evoking memories of the ice cream favorite, our salty and sweet pink lemonade margarita or our tropical mango margarita.

Classic Mixed Drinks

        Not much of a beer drinker or one for umbrellas in your drink?  Don’t worry!  The Flight Deck has a full bar of top-shelf liquors and a bartender at the ready to make whatever your mood calls for.  So whether, like my best friend, you’d like tried and true vodka and tonic, or a staple like house-made sangria, cosmopolitans or mojitos, or maybe a fun drink like hippie juice or a dark & stormy, we have the perfect libation to wet your whistle and celebrate the season!

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