The Flight Deck: Perfect for all Seasons

You never know what you will see at The Flight Deck!
November 30, 2016
Imagine the Possibilities at The Flight Deck
December 16, 2016
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The Flight Deck: Perfect for all Seasons

13445581_1625635054422054_7663984703047457080_nThe Flight Deck: Perfect for all Seasons


The Flight Deck is its own surprise.  While looking for a new kitchen for Life is Sweet, this perfect setting presented itself; not as a candy store but rather as a restaurant.  The question was what kind of restaurant?  What kind of food would we serve?  Who would be our clientele?  Did we want something upscale and trendy or just a light bite to eat?

As we enter our third season at The Flight Deck we’ve established our roots and continue to grow upward and onward!  We wanted delicious food in a casual atmosphere and someplace fun in an extraordinary setting.  It sounds like a pretty big ticket to fill, but we did it!

We started with the food.  It needed to be good and that meant starting with premium products.  We carry Boar’s head cold cuts for our sandwiches; we make our own homemade soup and pride ourselves on our seasonal specials and desserts.  Summer means a focus on fresh salads while fall offered up the opportunity for pulled pork sandwiches and our delicious hog wings.  Winter brings with it comfort food made from scratch, with warming pot roast and Reuben sandwiches and our luxurious lobster macaroni and cheese. hog wings

To make it fun we play Trivia in the restaurant every Tuesday night from 6 to 8 pm.  We also added a sundae bar-the only one of its kind in Keene-because making your own sundae with a huge variety of toppings brings a smile to everyone’s face.  We participants in the New England Fly In Gourmets Challenge, with people coming from all over New England for lunch in our restaurant.

          Finally, the setting is perfection.  No matter what season you visit The Flight Deck, there is always something to see.  It may be the incredible snow covered mountains framing the windows of our restaurant or the excitement of watching small planes and jets come and go on the runways right outside our door.  The airport provides an ever changing seasonal vista to just sit and enjoy while you eat in a restaurant that has quickly become a dining staple for our many regulars.14925326_1700567926928766_862336413004068077_n

Here at The Flight Deck we pride ourselves on putting the customers first and as we’ve heard your requests we have tried to implement the best suggestions.  Since our opening in May, we’ve added the oh-so-fun sundae bar, a soup and salad bar and lunch delivery in the Keene area.

13658968_1640584892927070_606906752002294133_n         Most importantly, we’ve made The Flight Deck a place where you can feel comfortable.  At The Flight Deck we encourage you to take your time and just relax.  You will never be rushed or “pushed out the door”.  We’ll make your dish to your specification, as we did when recently asked to make a fried bologna sandwich. (This is, by the way, totally delicious!)  We want to be your “place” to go for a night out, special occasions and of course, fun!  The Flight Deck looks forward to being your neighborhood restaurant for many seasons to come!

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