The Flight Deck Presents Salad Season

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March 29, 2017
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The Flight Deck Presents Salad Season

The Flight Deck Presents Salad Season

           Spring has finally arrived here in New Hampshire.  Few people appreciate and embrace spring like New Englanders.  Spring means sugaring season and maple syrup, hiking our beautiful parks and mountains, fishing for lake trout and gorgeous, beautiful, locally grown produce.

   The Flight Deck is owned, staffed and patronized by New Englanders like you!  Although we love the hearty stews and soups that are so comforting when there’s snow on the ground, when the ground warms up and the sun is shining we are ready to welcome the Earth’s bounty with a glorious salad.

A perfect salad has a little bit of everything.  There’s the crunch of fresh lettuce, accented by something salty like olives or bacon, a little bit of creamy from feta cheese or sour cream or salad dressing, a hit of protein in the form of shrimp, steak or chicken and all of the salad “accessories”: tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, onions and more!  All of it just coming in to season and gloriously light and fresh.

At The Flight Deck you can have your salad one of two ways.  You can order one of our tasty specialty salads or create your own at our salad bar.  Warning:  if you love salad as we do, this will not be an easy decision!

        You can make an entire meal with our unlimited soup and salad bar.  A bottomless bowl of one of our house made soups can accompany the salad you build yourself.  Or maybe, we should say salads.  Our salad bar is stocked with a variety of lettuces to accommodate the season.  Then you can dress it up with grape tomatoes, red onions, sliced cucumber, carrot coins, corn, pickled pepperoncini, olives and pickle slices.  But wait, we’re not done yet. Do you think you might want a scoop of cottage cheese or potato, tuna or macaroni salad?  That’s on the salad bar too!  Don’t forget your toppings: cheese, bacon bits and your choice of salad dressing.  Your salad is only limited by your imagination!

Our salad bar has serious competition from our specialty salads.  Who can resist the Beefsteak and Bacon salad?  When the tomatoes are ripe and the bacon is crisp, they sit atop a bed of assorted greens and are paired with mozzarella.  A symphony in your mouth!  Maybe you’d prefer something with a little more spice?  Then by all means order the Southern taco salad, dressed with jalapenos, cheese and chili and served in an edible taco bowl.  If you want something to satisfy a global palate, order the Asian salad or Mediterranean salad.  Be sure to check our specials board as well.  Our Summer salad is served at the height of strawberry season or try our hearty Sirloin salad for those of you who thought eating out was out of the question while on a whole food diet.

      Spring is here!  Embrace it with long walks, sitting on your deck to read a good book, hiking up Mount Monadnock -or just enjoy the view of it as you sit enjoying a delightful seasonal salad served when produce is at its peak.  You can enjoy feeling virtuous for eating health, while you enjoy feeling indulged with the best of the season’s offerings.  Salad season is here at The Flight Deck! New salads coming every week! Stay tuned…


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  1. Deborah says:

    Just love fresh salads, everything looks so good and love the combo’s with fruit. Can’t wait to come up and try some of them. Love knowing what’s new at the flight deck, keep your posts coming. Thank you

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