The Flight Deck Will Satisfy Summer Seafood Cravings

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The Flight Deck Will Satisfy Summer Seafood Cravings

The Flight Deck Will Satisfy Summer Seafood Cravings 


My Dad was a bay man.  That meant he was up before dawn, using his clam rake to do the back breaking labor of bringing in bushels of fresh clams to sell to vendors. My summer memories are rife with the smell of baby oil, the ocean, salt water splattered skin, sun dazzled diamonds floating on the water and fresh seafood.  When there weren’t enough clams to sell a full bushel, Dad would bring them home, steam them and we’d fall on them like we hadn’t eaten in a week, prizing the chewy, briny flesh and chucking the shells in a pile.

When summer really heats up, both temperature and time-wise, my go-to food is, and always has been, seafood.  I grew up on an island, and summer time meant the freshest and most delicious seafood, with only occasional breaks for ribs, burgers or hot dogs done on the grill. Buttery lobster, perfect little half- moons of pink shrimp, deep golden fried white fish served with crisp fries and creamy cole slaw.

At The Flight Deck we embrace those summertime memories and bring them to life on the plate and the palate.  We’re picky about our seafood and offer only the best. [WARNING: Reading about our seafood sandwiches and entrees may induce a craving for seafood that can only be satisfied with a trip to The Flight Deck. A tuna sandwich will not cut it.] 

For the fried seafood lover in you we have a selection to dazzle and entice your taste buds!  Bringing me back to my own childhood is the fried clam strips.  Tender with just enough tug to let you know there’s real strips of clam inside the crisp and crunchy breading. More of a white fish lover? Then we suggest our fried haddock dinner with our all you can eat salad bar or the fried haddock po’ boy dipped and crisped to a delicious golden brown served with a roumelade on an artisanal brioche bun. Let us make your decision just a bit more difficult by suggesting you have the fried shrimp dinner made with United States white gulf shrimp or the delicately fried scallops.  If it all sounds too good to decide-don’t! Have it all with our Fisherman’s platter with shrimp, clams, haddock and scallops.

If you are a fish purist and feel as though seafood’s salty goodness is lost with a crispy coating, we’re not going to leave you out of all the fun!  We have a beautiful grilled shrimp meal, or if you’d prefer, shrimp scampi served with pasta and sautéed with tomatoes, olives and garlic butter. Feel like you cannot get enough of salmon? Try our perfect grilled and seasoned salmon dinner with your choice of sides.

Finally, for the true luxury seeker there is our lobster roll.  This is unlike any mayo laden soggy lobster roll you may have had elsewhere.  Our lobster roll is an entire lobster brushed with butter and served on a brioche roll with our homemade crisp and creamy coleslaw. (Be sure to check for availability; we only want the freshest lobster possible for this sandwich!)  If you love lobster and fried seafood, we can meet your need for delectable seafood with our fried lobster roll made from fried lobster legs on a bun and our hand cut, crunchy fries on the side.

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