Views, Food and Something to Do…at The Flight Deck!

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August 31, 2017
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Views, Food and Something to Do…at The Flight Deck!

Views, Food and Something to Do…at The Flight Deck!

You have to admire Mother Nature’s total confidence.  She’s not a wallflower content to be overlooked and just blending with the background. Oh no! She’s a woman who knows her worth and in autumn, she adorns herself with fall finery in russet, brown, orange, red, green and yellow. In fact, she may seem to come off as a bit of a showoff as one beautiful vista competes with another.

Well, we at The Flight Deck admire a woman with chutzpah and feel fortunate to have floor to ceiling windows that offer stunning views of the bounty and vision that is Mt. Monadnock in the fall. In fact, there is so much to admire from either our outdoor dining patio or our cozy booths and tables in the restaurant you may have difficulty focusing on just one thing!

Conundrum #1: Do you take in the views of the mountains in their fall frippery or do you watch the private jets coming and going just feet from where you are sitting? Conundrum #2: Should you splurge on one of the awesome appetizers like the hog wings (SO GOOD!) or dish on our decadent desserts?  Conundrum #3: Do you come on Saturday night and enjoy our outdoor music program played by local musicians or participate in our popular Karaoke night offered every other Friday?  Ooohhhh….decisions, decisions!

The Flight Deck wants to know why are you thinking or when the obvious answer is and!  Come in and have it all.  Moderation is for monks, not for people who grab life by the arm and pull it along with them for great adventures.

Flight Deckers are people who embrace life with a hearty resounding “YES!” Take for example our fly-ins.  People fly in for seminars, meetings or just to gather together and eat. They come to The Flight Deck for the hundred dollar hamburger. Don’t worry- we don’t charge $100 (though it tastes like we should). Our reasonably priced burgers are called that because people literally fly in for a bite to eat and the cost of fuel for the planes means we had better deliver one delicious burger. Well, we have more than one delicious burger-we have a whole selection of them, sure to please!

Love airplanes and cars? Again we see this as an “and” type of situation and October 7th is our car show and fly-in. Because why should you have to choose between fabulous views, easy parking, delicious food or something to do. We’re not going to tax you with choosing. At The Flight Deck we offer it all.  Be sure to check our webpage ( for upcoming events like Paint Night or wine tasting and special holiday events. 

Finally, because we think every day is celebration worthy, we offer something every day of the week. If your weekend feels more like work and less like wow come enjoy our wonderful breakfast feasts. If your Tuesday needs a little titillation, join us on Tuesdays starting in October for Tuesday Trivia and try your hand at winning a prize.  It’s just another weary Wednesday and your hump day is down in the dumps? Well, we got a pick me up. Join us for Wing Wednesdays- 75 cent wings and $3 drafts.

At The Flight Deck we’ve got it all-views, food and fun things to do. All you need to do is say “Yes!”



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